About Magnetic Technology

Magnetic Technology will make every surface your surface. Mount any device, from a small smartphone to an over sized tablet, on virtually any surface you wish. The future of smart-device mounting is with Magnetic™ Mount.
The Magnetic™ Link couples our patent-pending interface with an encapsulated rare-earth magnet whose shell features a set of locking gear teeth. These teeth create a solid and secure fit as the magnet inside is very powerfully attracted to the magnets in our accessories. The rare-earth magnets we use in our products consistently prove to be secure, and they’re safe to use while navigating through various terrains. With a 33lb magnet in our accessories and a 10lb magnet inside the Link, we guarantee Magnetic Mount™ products will support at least 11 pounds. View our demonstration video HERE.

Rare earth magnets are safe to use on all smart devices. Click HERE to learn more about neodymium magnets.

With our patent-pending Magnetic™ interface there are many options to choose from when it comes to application. All mountable objects with adhesive include our rubber template for easier alignment.
3.5mm thin x 1.5in diameter disc with adhesive
You can attach this on any device you plan to mount.
Surface Mount
Mountable cradle for the Magnetic™ Link
It comes with adhesive on the back and screws for any mounting preference.
Suction Cup Mount
Suction cup cradle for the Magnetic™ Link
This accessory is designed for mounting on windows, mirrors, or on dashboards with the optional suction cup pad.
Bar Mount
Bar cradle for the Magnetic™ Link
This mount brings Magnetic™ to all types of handlebars or similar objects.
Bike Mount
This mount brings Magnetic™ to all types of bicycle.
This piece is designed to be a permanent interface on your bike thanks to our magnetic auto-centering quick-release base.